Walmart Quest

Special K and I were bored on a Friday evening. We wanted to take a quest to Walmart. Of coarse we didn't want to go alone on this most exciting trip. We decided to take Rufus the monkey along so that he could see the world.


Buckled him up and we were off.


Special K and Rufus. Don't we look excited?


Rufus wanted to race against us. We just told him he was a crazy monkey.


We happened to see Rufus's grandpa guarding the toothbrushes.


And then Rufus found some ladies...


We couldn't find any Monkey Deodorant. Teen Sprit had to do.


Rufus was very jealous he wasn't on the front of the box. (cough, cough, nudge, nudge)


Rufus wanted to sleep in the fish take.


Instead Rufus slept in a cat litter box.


Somehow Rufus fell into a pit of snakes.


When he got out of that, Barbie killed his pride.


That was no Barbie... It was The Hulk just dressed up as Barbie. He took care of that punk.


The Hulk's big brother came. Ah poop.


So Rufus got on an  F/A-22A Raptor fighter plane and blown them from the sky!


In that process, Rufus created a massive fire. Bah humbug.


Speed Racer picked then picked us up to go for a cruise.


Rufus tried to pick up some chicks. But they just stood there and didn't say anything. Rude!


We then met up with some of Rufus's family members. He has family everywhere.


Rufus then tried to control the old ladies wheel chair.


But instead it controlled the vacuum.


And then spit him out into an aliens old suit.


Rufus tried to be tuff by laying by a electric saw. It didn't have a blade. Little boy.


Rufus wanted to be ripped like this "What's my name" guys face.


So he started working those abs! 1-2, 1-2, 1-2!


He also wanted to impress some people.


Naughty... Naughty...


For those actions, Rufus was reported over the intercoms/televisions and warned that he would be pursued.


The bodyguards of Walmart then came to kick Rufus out.


The bodyguards just threw shoes at him instead.


Rufus need some tunes to calm him down.


So Rufus decided to kick back and read a magazine.


Our quest to Walmart was great. A great time to fill the boring boredom. Rufus was happy to go home and eat candy. The End.


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