Uber Nerd Mod

You know how it is. You either get really bored and great ideas form or you just get even more bored. Well nothing like that happened to me. I just was listening to some music and then I look at my computer. It looked plain. Blah. Bare. Basic. So the uber nerd modification began.


A sketch of what this great work of art was to become.


Here is the canvas.


Just look at the boredom! Ah booger.


Some lightning here and there.


The orange in the process of being boogeyfied.


I was in deep thought if what to do next.


Looking better...


Electric blue. Baby blue. Candy blue. Candy.


Just doing a little victory dance.


Half of heaven.


The other half of heaven.


My computer suddenly got the chicken pocks.


Or maybe it was warts.


Or maybe bird poop.


It even has glow in the dark action!!! Props to my sister for that idea.


I was very pleased with the results.

I was so pleased, I asked my computer out to a date.


What a great success that was. And now is not just another normal object.


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