Here are some songs that I have made, spun, or skratch. Alot of this is me experimenting and letting you people hear the results. Its just for kicks and I love doing it. Chill with the beats.



Skratch Session 2

Just skratchin away and having fun. Practice makes nearly perfect.


Slide 1 ----- Slide 2

Here is some of my latest skratchin. Although I was only practicing and randomly decided it was time to record... So don't expect perfection. But you can most certainly hear the progress from the tracks below this. The skills will continue to grow.


Skratch Session

Its just something I recorded when I was all warmed up and kinda bored. Its not great, but its what I got for the time being. Just keep in mind that Im jus doing this for kicks.


Spinem Mix (63 Minutes) ----- Taken off cause it was huge and worthless

Live mix I recorded from my Turntables! It's 63 minutes long and is crazzzzy. The mixing REALLY sucks... (Only because my headphones make it impossible to match any beat) But the choice of music is awesome. I will re-due this mix when my new headphones come in.


Control Nothing (Demo)

A song that Im working on and is prolly one of my best yet. (Sadly will never be finished because my computer died)


Delusion (Demo)

Im experimenting with some crazy beats, not quite finished yet. (Sadly will never be finished because my computer died)


Snever - Take it Up

I weird song that changes ALOT. Its like 10 songs in one.


Snever - Intense Craver

Just a siked song. Give it a try!


Snever - Out of Array (Remix)

The same song but extended and a little faster.


Snever - Out of Array

First song ever made. Extreme basic


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