Search for the Alien

A while back, I made my own Unconscious Alien Antenna Ball. I recently added a Advertisement... And that was a bad idea. This advertisement was a evil one and was Punished for trying to kill the custom antenna ball.


Here's the full story: I had just added this Advertisement to my car and the Unconscious Alien Antenna Ball was on there too. I was driving with the Advertisement on my car for the first time and within 10 seconds I hear a nice BANGING on top of my car... Then as I look in my rear view mirror, I see the Advertisement fly off into the street. Oh I was bummed that it ripped off. But its not over yet! When I got to my destination, I was to find that it did not rip off... It had pushed the Unconscious Alien Antenna Ball off and both are lost to the street! It tried to murder the Unconscious Alien Antenna Ball and it didn't even have a motive. Very sad I know.


Its good that the Advertisement has been punished, yet this Unconscious Alien Antenna Ball was still missing. I knew it was between the movie theater and my house. So set out on a mission to search for the lost alien. We found some odd things here and there. My sister joined me on my extravagant siked out adventure.


His being gone changed my life, forever!!!


And the search begun!


First we found a feather... what a great start.


Taking a nap with my friend the fire hydrant.


Some poop.


Three leaf clovers. The only green left in Texas.


Nasty nicotine! Must resist.


But how can this be? Water goes to the creek? Nooooooo nooo....


Somebody is a little tipsy.


What does that say? Well nature is calling.


Cigar wrapper. Funky smells.


Somebody is really tipsy.


Meditation causes constipation.


Bunch of golf balls all in one pile. Very odd.


R. R. R. R!!! R. R??? R.


Except I like to keep my clothes on.


Looks like the Unconsious Alien is giving us some clues by leaving some crop circles!


First class mail EH? Well it never got there...


The pole looked ravishing. I had to give it some lovin.


Some tasty plastic. Clear. Maybe popcorn wrapper. Tasty plastic.


I look up to Fred Flintstone


Kinda scary to find lying around.


Yet I liked it. So I kept it.


Old yard sale. Boring.


Ummmm Dr. Pepper! Doesn't look too fresh though.


And then cone mafia surrounded me. They wanted their "Beware of Dog" sign back. Bummer.


Absolutely beautiful drawing. Can't believe someone would leave this for me to find!


The fix to everything. Oh yes yes, ducktape.


Me trying to disguise myself as a fire hydrant.


Had to take a short frolic. It had to be let out.


A random folder full of papers. Very odd place to put a folder. We decided to not poke it.


I'm a little tea pot...


Hair clip? Candy? No... Alien scissors? Maybe the Unconsious Alien is giving us more clues!


Sadly we found a dead tire. Would make a nice horse tire swing. Or bubble gum.


Human road block. I know I look intimidating...


Some more poop.


Took a rough fall and almost fell to most certain death! Luckily, my Matrix skills kicked in.


My sister stepped in some gum. It seemed to be a nice piece of gum. It was just a baby.


We met up with some real fierce Ninjas. Don't worry, I took care of them.


Some funny looking metal things, wood things, and such.


A tutee fruity magazine. Naughty, naughty...


V AIR RE. The air rings? Fairy? Very? Candy is good? Earrings?




A+W Root beer! Old skool always rules.


Look at all of the drainage pipes. Or maybe they are snake holes!


Nope, just George Bush chillun out.


Squares of dead grass. Or is it? Dun dun dun...


A half buried thing-e-ma-bopper.


Ridgeview Estates (cough cough, wink wink, nudge nudge)


What used to be a backpack strap.


Some guy named Stuart Little wanted to drag race.


Can of some Chinese stuff. Didn't look tasty.


Oh look I'm natural gas. You can't see me! HA!




Just some random objects of humanity.


Where's my mommy?


The spoon!!! But I need a spork.



Sadly we failed our mission to find the Unconscious Alien. He is living out there among us at this very moment! He was a good Alien. Yet we did find a bunch of very weird and funny stuff! Peace.



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