CD Scratch Rumors Uncovered



After hearing and reading many rumors about how to fix CD scratches with random household items, I decided to check these rumors out for myself and see what is really true.




On each one I applied the product and then proceeded to wipe it from the center out. Every site I had visited on the CD scratch subject agreed to pull from the center and not go in circles. This is because the reason a CD player will Skip is because of a horizontal scratch. The laser cannot keep on reading over a horizontal scratch yet it can on a vertical scratch.



You cannot fix a CD that has a scratch on the top of the CD. If part of the metal is gone, its pure trash (no fixing it).



I started off with some Petroleum Jelly. I read this rumor on the web on several sites. I think all it really did was fill in the scratches and barely did anything. It may may have improved due to me merely pressing with the rag. Either way, this rumor is busted and is false. It barely helps at all.


I rate the Petroleum Jelly: D +



I read randomly on a two sites from suggestions to use Creamy Peanut Butter. I was very skeptical yet why not, you never know... Well it did nothing except taste good. The rumor is crap.


I rate the Creamy Peanut Butter: F +



I had read all over the web to try different wax's. So I sprayed this one on and found it was almost exactly like the Petroleum Jelly. Except this seemed to play better in a CD player. Yet would not trust this one again.


I rate the Pledge (Table Wax): C -



I had read that metal polish does very well and network administrators use Brasso to fix their ruined CD's. Yet I had no Brasso in the house and had to make due. This stuff was absolutely horrible. All it did was smell bad and get everywhere. I would suggest you to try Brasso, as it is regarded highly as actually working.


I rate Wright's Brass Polish: F-



This actually seemed to help. It was a very small difference though. But I believe it halfway smoothed out some scratches and half filled them in with Armor All. Plus it smelled very tasty. But I wouldn't use it again.


I rate Armor All (Car Wax): C +



This one was very different in that it created/smoothed out the big scratches. At first I thought it didn't work at all but then I tested it and it actually decreased the amount of CD scratches! A big point with this one is to pull from the center when wiping it off. The toothpaste work ok but I don't think I'd use it unless I was desperate.


I rate the Crest Tartar Toothpaste: B -


The CD monster scratches eat at my mind and soul! And with the testing of the rumors, I have found that nothing seems to drastically work. I have heard some great things about Brasso yet I have'nt tested it myself. There are alot of "CD Doctors" aka CD scratch fixers out there that you can buy for a wad of cash. But I believe few of them to really work.


I KNOW of one way that works perfectly. I saw it at CD World (a used CD store), you could pay them one dollar and they would re-buff it. (or if you sold them a CD, then they would do this.) They used a spinning wheel with a material on it that I know not of and they would press the CD against it. It would buff out the scratches to look brand new! This is the only way I've ever heard that work 100%.


So... Mission accomplished and failed. Accomplished to find that the rumors are false. And failed to find that the rumors are false. We all want to fix our CD's for free. But the CD's got the best of us once again! My way of fixing it... Go buy a new CD.




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