Pom Pom Prom



Prom is the last event in which people like to think that they will remember and I wanted to do something a little different. Sometime in March of 2003, I had been inspired from all of the crazy people that were making Duct Tape suit/dresses for their Prom. Yet I wanted to do something that hadn't been done. Prom was exactly a year away and I had plenty of time to ponder. I also had the challenge to find a date just as insane as I.



Didn't want to "ruin" a brand new suit! Salvation Army...


Looking stylish in my new threads that smelled like old people.


One of the two main Ingredients: Pom Pom's. The other was hot glue.


And it had begun!


Half done. Holy Monkeys, I realized.


Testing it out! hmmm...


The work was very slow and music was required.


Actually, Dippin Dots ice cream were highly attracted to our clothes.

And I did find a date! I was lucky to find Lauren Hamblin and that she wanted to stand out.


Mission Accomplished!!!


Me looking goofy and trying to strike a pose.


My prom buds.


Just fitting right in...


All that dancing made us a little crazy.



Everyone loved our Pom Pom outfits and felt the need to express it to us. It was a wonderful experience and we felt like walking fashion shows. Lots of pictures and lots of wows. Constant double takes and we were the buzz of prom. One guy joking asked if it was eatable! Two different people knew me from visiting SuPYo!




Work on my suit had spanned randomly across the year with about an hour spent per work session.  Lauren's took a few months yet she worked more diligently. All the work had paid off and prom was an unforgettable blast.



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