The Mobile Sup


It all started when my friend Nathan and I were talking and somehow he got to mentioning how he has this magnetic car ad thing. I thought about it for a few seconds and then this crazy idea popped into my head... Why not just convert it into a mobile car ad? I asked him if I could have it and he gave it to me, for free! People have tried to Steal it, but its all good. So here is the transformation this plain thing into a gorgeous mobile car ad.


And here's where it started.


The measurement of the Car Ad. Gotta be exact for greatness.


Designing the ad. A little pit of candy and music helped me.


So far so good.


My creation slowly coming to life.


The Boogey Man likes to be handled with care.


Half way to Candyland.


Me getting too excited about the event.


And losing control once again.


One out of six taped on with mailing tape. Tasty.


OoOoO spookeeee!


Sadly, I ran out of tape... What shall I do?


Not to worry! The heavenly place of Wallgreens had plenty of mailing tape.


Some poop I saw in front of my car.


Getting serious with the taping. The Boogey Man holds his breathe.


And yet again I went crazy when I finished taping it all up.


Pop the champagne cause the royalty is here.


Make a wish...


The traditional ritual of: "Bringing of the thing downstairs".


But the tail pipe of Bobby (my cars name) looked so round...


Ah, the beauty.


Ah, the sophistication.


Ah, the grace.


It is just plain freakin awesome.


With my mission complete, I am happy. I don't believe I could advertise in any better way. Not to mention of how Bobby (my cars name) is very please to have such a nice companion. You steal it and I'll eat you for dinner.

...And then it was stolen...


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