The Huge Match

I was just playing with some incense... and I then looked at the match. So small. So stupidly small. Not good enough. So I decided to make a HUGE match! This is my journey of the great huge match.


Small, insignificant match. Bah! Useless!!!


So I got a box of matches. I like fire.


And a little bit of gangsta hot glue gun action!


The result was beautiful. A HUGE MATCH!


*The crowd goes hissssss hisssssssssssss*


Marveling at its beauty. Ohhhh! Ahhhhh!


But I had couldn't just stare at it. Burn fire b-u-r-n.

A movie of the huge match burning.


The sad after math.


Yet my journey was accomplished and I can now die happy. Fire is good. Good fire. Burn.


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