Duck Costume

Halloween. One of my favorites. Everyone wears costumes and acts goofy. I had been thinking about what I wanted to be for a while now. Something eyebrow raising. Quacktastic. A duck.


Rubber ducky helped my ponder.


So I drew out a sketch of what my brain dreamed of.


And the project started with the wings.


A little bit of paint.


I then had to take the wings out for a spin.


My mind on paper.


The beak took way too long...




Some tasty color.


This duck was an amazing model. I gave him some extra bread.


Again adding some delicious color.


I now have duck feet!


And I had to mark my territory.


Testing of the full costume parts. Just need a shirt and pants to match...


Halloween Day

We all dressed up in our costumes and went to see the re-release of Alien: Directors Cut.


The great Gatsby in his lavish attire.


The Smurfs made the evening very smurfilicous.


The insane man. Goldfish are evil.


The Kung fu master owning everyone.


The Jewish profit. Brilliant!


We got a personal greeting from the Alien because he loved our costumes.


My costume also resembled the stork from Disney's version of Robin Hood.


Halloween was a success and it was a blast! Didn't get candy though... But the costumes rocked!


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