The Dreadlock Adventure


I had been growing out my hair for about 6 months. Here is a bunch of pictures of Dreadlocks that really got me hooked on getting some. I had looked into getting a Dread Perm and finally found a guy named Tony to do it. It was time for my dream to come true. So I got it all on film.


Me happy as ever.


Front shot.


Side shot.


Back shot.


Say goodbye to the hair.


The begining of the madness.


Backcombing and backcombing some more.


and some more backcombing.


The pink things are taking over my head.


In deep thought.


Looks like I fell in a pile of lipstick.


Getting a little fidgety.


Attack of the pink things!!!


The dreadlocks are screaming to be seen!


Only an hour more...


And I am about to go crazy after these 6 hours.


Yet with patience...




I felt like a million candy bars.



We counted 67 dreadlocks. The dreadlock adventure was a great success.


And then the dreadlocks took a permanent vacation...



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