My Chill Place

(My room, always changing...) Also check out my friend Carly's Chill Place.


The stairway upstairs... To the jungle.


Nice big picture of my room from the love closet.


Another big picture from the bathroom.

Panoramic view


Some books, life size boogeyman, chistmas lights, vinyls.


The love closet at its best.


Looking inside the love closet. Black walls, beads, tons of posters. Tasty pillows also.


Inside the love closet. Laying down on the pillows, just chillan.


More posters of crazy worlds. Spiro the dragon is just flying around.


Some more posters. Bunch of my art work.


That thing hanging from the ceiling is my favorite. I added chili pepper lights for some spice. My aunt made it!


Where the smells of chillan are made. Incense. Candles. Oil. Ummmm yum!


My blinds still work with pictures on them, I cut up the pictures into stripes and taped them on. Crazy style.


My elite babies. The turntables. (Mysterious trumpets in background...)


The ceiling. A hexagon and a coffin... spooky.


Another view of my entertaining ceiling.


The comfy sofa of relaxation.


Where was made and maintained to this day. Of corse with some Orange Juice.


Bob Marley, shells thinge, psychedelic poster. All add to the effect of chillan.


Random stuff to keep my mind wandering.


My ceiling again. Makes a spiral on the ceilign when turned on. (Cause of the colored post-it notes taped on the blades.)


Place where the Daily Jason is shot every day.


View from my room. Pretty. Pretty H2O. Pretty.


The thinking pot.


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