The Blue Man


The back seat of my car was getting lonely...  I also wanted to make something to put back there so that people would do plenty of double takes. So I decided to make a blue paper mache man. It wasn't easy, but then again it really wasn't too hard. Anyways, here is the making of the blue man.


Of corse I had to find the recipe for paper mache.


The start of the blue man's ripped chest. (get it? haha!)


In deep thought. Hmmmm.


Completeion of his chest. How great.


His head about to be attached. He has lost his mind...


I promice I'm not a canabal.




Making the recipe. 3 parts water, 1 part flour. Easy.


The patient is ready doctor.


I smelled kinda weird.


Getting serious. No smiling.


The paper mache began to harden while on my hands.


The blue man has a huge backbone.


Time, patience, and candy.


Almost there. Bah humbug.


The paper mache part is finished.


Nice cheap acrylic one buck paints.


Baby blue was the color. So people would wonder why a blue man was in my car.


His version of a sunburn. Ouch.


Sea sick?


Yep, Barf... Barf....


Paint is not tasty.


I was dead tired. Yet the painting was almost finished.


Painting of the eyes.


Haha, he is smirking.


Just chillun with the blue man.


Still chillun with the blue man.


Almost finished.


Ah, there we go. One more step.


In the car. His home.


Now people are gonna freak out to look in my car.


And I was happy to see my creation finished.


Part 2: New Style

The blue mans style sucked. He blended in with the seats too well. Wah wah wah... New clothes had to be processed.


Very deep thought...


So I fixed that problem!


The blue man enjoys his new attire.


Now everyone can see him all the more.


Yet he has not hands to pick his nose with.


Part 3: A New Hairdo

A few months later, I noticed how the blue man was completely bald. No hair! It was time for him to sprout some strands.


He now has some bangs.


His hairlessness is disappearing.


I did not enjoy the millions of hairs for his head. BAH!


He asked if a mullet was possible... NO.


At this point in his baldness, we changed his name to friar blue.


Friar blue the monk.


No more Rogaine!!!


We were shocked at the results.


And the ladies went crazy over his new hairdo and shirt!


The people will stare, the kids will point, yet I will just smile and nod.


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