What is the point of this?

The point of is to entertain people like you! Its just for kicks and laughs. I do put a lot of time into my creation. Its for anybody to visit. But for you people that don't know me, then you may not understand some of the random jokes. But don't worry, even the people that know me sometimes don't understand them.


How did this start?

This all started on the summer of 99'. I went to Florida and I took a bunch of pictures. All my friends wanted to see them, but I didn't want to copy the pictures a million times. So I was just talking about it and my dad said I could have some of his web space. So I learned FrontPage and I put up a one page website! It was really plain and boring. All it had was the pictures from the Florida trip. It was pretty weak compared to what it has become. Then all through out that summer I added on to it and slowly expanded it. Sometime in that summer I upgraded to a multi-web website. All that means is that I had too much info for one web, so I split it up into multiple webs. I did not have the domain name of: "" until the beginning of summer 01'. Then later the summer of 01', I redid my whole website. It was a ton of work, but it was well worth it. I went through every page and changed everything. Same information, different way of showing it. It is a lot more smoother looking now. In March 2002, the free subscription to my website discontinued. So I bought and transfered it all to my own place. But it now costs me 100 buck yearly. But no worries, its all for you! So here it is now.


Specifications of

Web host:
Amount of web space: 2GB
Bandwidth allowed: 60GB per month
Amount to run $90 yearly
Size of Around 250MB (Always growing)
E-mail me about any questions
Contact Me


Who is the BoogeyMan?

The BoogeyMan is a part of my creation too. He represents He is my mascot if that's what you want to call it. He started when I was playing a game on Playstation. The game was Crash Bandicoot. In the game was a little mask that gave you an extra life. Its name was Aku Aku. I saw it and said, "I can do better than that!" So I redrew it and now I still have the same one from that day. I made the Boogey Man from Aku Aku in 1996.

Aku Aku



Who are you?

  Jason Fletcher: Human.
Full Name: Jason Fletcher.
Birthplace: guess!
Birthday: guess!
Favorite color: Bright orange.
Favorite Cereal: Waffle Crisp.
Favorite Mascot: BoogeyMan.
The Ultimate Pet: A Spider Monkey.
Favorite board game: Guess Who, Candyland, Monoploly, Apples to Apples.
Before I die, I will: Get dreadlocks, live on the beach, marry a chickadee, live my life for the every so gracious god, own and be a expert at the telescope, never stop having fun, sleep too much.
An Unusual Experience: My teacher watched me pick my nose for about five minutes until finally bothered telling me that she was watching!
Ultimate Place: The beaches of California or Florida. My room at night.
Advice to others: Chill as much as possible... for the good times. Praise god for everything. Live it up!
Musical Talents: I skratch/spin on Turntables, I am Dj Snever! A little bit of clarinet. Making some music on the computer with a program called Acid.
High School Education: yep
Favorite Smell: Dunhill Desire Cologne (What I use). Blue Pepsi. My house when I come back from a trip. Incense. Ladies perfume. Vanilla.
Favorite Hang Out Place: Anywhere is a good place. Playing on the beach or in the rain. You may find me staring at the stars. Home.
Favorite Saying: "SuP Yo" or "Ahhh monkey" or "Goobish".
Biggest Confrontation:Not being able to drink my orange juice when I please.
Biggest project in life so far: My challenge is to take a picture every day for the rest of my life. Check it out over on the Daily Jason. Wish me luck!
Favorite Sound: Cicadas on a summer evening. Hearing people in the background when you are just chillun. Very ambient trance. The hum of silence.
First thing I think of when I wake up in the morning: God. Smiles. Maybe a special ladie.
Favorite movies: Half-Baked, Vanilla Sky, Artificial Intelligence, What Dreams May Come, Bicentennial Man, The Matrix, Alice in Wonderland, The Truman Show, Edward Scissorhands, Mary Poppins.
If I could dye my hair any color: White with blue tips. Or a nuclear blue. Or a tasty green. Bah humbug! I would probably just tie-dye my hair.
What's under my bed: Nothing, I have a sofa bed. Maybe a few nickels, straws, or socks. A mint if your lucky.
Random Fact: Plastic lawn flamingos are more numerous in the United States than real flamingos. You just read that.






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