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  April 22, 2011 - I got a job doing 3D animation for the Charles Hayden Planetarium! It keeps me quite busy and I love it. Check out my Portfolio.

April 25, 2008 - Major life updates: 2 weeks until undergrad SAIC graduation (as a CGI hacker), living in Los Angeles (instead of Chicago), I'm engaged to Erin Winch, and I've finished another animation (Zombie Dasein). When supyo gets the rehaul it deserves, I hereby promise to maintain my web presense regularly. I will also treat SuPYo as my portal, from all my research into postcyberpunk and avantpop. The future of SuPYo will host my artworks in an EASILY accessible format and try to promote a great form of dialogue between the viewers. Culture and technology have merged, I need to express this and allow others to understand the world through new eyes. When the free time arrives, SuPYo will evolve.

  May 13, 2007 - Oh how time has sprited so much quickly than usual! Been working exhaustively on in Maya and After Effects: Elk Cloner. Please check out the Documentation too! Just finished my junior year at School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I have a large list of web stuff to update! 1337 webmastas!
  December 10, 2006 - Finished Recursion Excursion for public's eye. Updated the Daily Jason. Ideas about the future and my future plans are starting to take slow shape. Its a critical world we live in. MEME!
  October 30, 2006 - I have start another new website! This is a place for many different types of information, ideas, and commentary to exist about cyberspace and its future potential: Recursive Idea. I hope for many to contribute and for a community to have some dialogue. WAWA!
  October 3, 2006 - I have started a new website! It's a place for any of my web creations to reside. It started from the conception to create a never ending archive for people who enjoy exploring a creative experience: Nuclear Sugar. The site is small now, but it shall grow with time. SuPYo is not being abandoned; I simply wanted to start another project. Zam-zoom!
  September 17, 2006 - Oh hello my nerds! I Alot of work has been made, the champagne has been sprung, and I'm back on the move again. Most of my recent Art Works are online. The Daily Jason has been updated and I compiled all of the photos into a Animation. Automagical!
  August 21, 2005 - I have added the Last Project of the winter semester and it now concludes my freshman year! I have also fully taken up the business venture of making custom packing tape purses as my part time job! My alias for these purses will be LALAZAZA and have made a website to showcase and sell these purses. Surprise surprise!
  July 30, 2005 - I've given into the temptation and joined the MySpace fiasco. So gimme a ring! Waka waka wooo!
  May 12, 2005 - I have made a big change to SuPYo. As my life has been somewhat consumed with creating art pieces, I felt that it has become most appropriate to have a section dedicated to it. So as you can see above, the 'Linkage' button is gone (never updated anyways) and has been replaced with Art Works! Nerdy loverly 1337-zor.
  May 2, 2005 - I've been very busy with school but summer is almost here! I've added a few new Art Pieces that I have recently made. Go make plans for summer, or summer will make plans for you!
  April 15, 2005 - WOOOO! Its been too long! Good news, I met the big Darth V on the street the other day... But the real news: Mtv Canada has a show called 969 and there is a segment of the show called "surf'or'turf". SuPYo was featured on it and the viewers said they would surf it! Wow, its kinda freaky but exciting to get such huge coverage!! I added TONS of new Art Pieces. Watch out for those booger knomes!
  February 20, 2005 - I have added some of the new Art Pieces while being here at SAIC. I've combined all of the Daily Jason photo's into a short animation; I'll update you with that soon. Attack of the mutant clams!  
  January 27, 2005 - Hello my friends. What a wonderfully refreshing Christmas break I had with family and friends. I updated the Daily Jason with 75 new pictures! Goodness I've lagged behind on updating, but the project is going along nicely. I also updated the Homemade Tattoo with more precise information on aftercare of a tattoo. I added more along with the Wings on my laptop and also did some custom designs on some friends laptops.  
  December 11, 2004 - OooOOooo SNAPS! The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Teaser has been released! I don't care what anyone says, its gonna be mad tasty. Ah sweet fluffy scarves.  
  November 27, 2004 - I updated the Art section with some new creations that I have made while this semester at SAIC. The Daily Jason is going well and I plan to sometime soon print them all out and make them presentable for a gallery showing. The latest Strongbad Email is Genius in many ways and I commend them for their brilliant creativity. Is anyone else excited as I about Tim Burton remaking Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? The extravagant Burton, Elfman, Depp trio is back to make another dream... Gotta love the smell of fresh electronics.  
  November 8, 2004 - I have been think for a while to somehow mod my Mac. Instead of painting as originally intended, I have made purposeful scratches in the shape of Wings. My Powerbook has wings! For my Birthday, Erin made me an amazing Cake that was a clone of the Boogeyman! It was so tasty. Choo choooooo!  
  October 19, 2004 - With apologies for no updates, college is eating all of my time. Yet I found a very surreal Adventure on the web for you! My first "self published to the web only" poem, just for someone like you.
Mookey slop and topple
went the elexander stop
with a twist and a pissed
the book came to top
hooky hooky spooky and tie
we went to go and eat some pie
as the car went vamm
and our voices went bamm
I sat and thought of you
  August 22, 2004 - Need a laugh? Of coarse you do. The Potter Puppet Palls are here to save the day! Lamas love you.  
  August 21, 2004 - I was admiring my sisters newly painted room when I noticed the blank white spot in the middle of the ceiling. So I made an Elite Ceiling Fan. I also added a project that may help some of you fellow music connoisseurs: Uncovering the Rumors of CD scratches. Lastly, my friends and I had a going away to college Costume Tent Party. Check out the fun times! I'm off to the Art Institute of Chicago next Saturday, wish me luck!  
  August 19, 2004 - People are trying to stack rules and regulations upon the internet. I won't stand for this and here is my Protest. Chairs are comfy.  
  August 3, 2004 - Well summer is flying and the good times too! Yet the update meter has hit a sad 2 months. No fear! This break has given me inspiration! Here is a new project that will continue with time: Eye is us. I'll be back with more soon, but it'll be random fun stuff. Kazoo Ahchoooo.  

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