This project started as a small Essay about a time when I felt very tiny or very large. We then thought of several different ways to make this memory into a piece. I picked to describe this memory through more of a literal depiction. I chose to make it out of cardboard and then paint it with acrylic.

This piece was created in: Research Studio: Miniature/Gigantic (spring semester)

Size dimensions: 2.5 feet x 2 feet x 2 feet


The front wheel moves too!




  ArtBash is a exhibition of work produced in only the first year program at SAIC. The work is either picked to go from each class or accepted through an open call. The work that is selected to be shown, is then setup in Gallery 2.  

The piece was installed in the entrance of the gallery.


Included with custom SuPYo cards!



Contact       Aol IM: SikedMonkey