Sensing Boxes

As the final project for the Introduction to Art and Technology class, we were assigned to combine all the things that we had learned through the semester into a project that use them in any way we wished. My partner Andrew Svec and I decided to make a series of boxes that would "sense". Each box has its own ways of reacting and sensing. Upon picking up one of the boxes, both of the other boxes would react in their own designated way.
Here is each of the boxes ways of sensing and how it reacts. One box has pressure sensors upon that sides that sense when the box is being grabbed to be lifted. This box reacts by turning on some lights inside the box and can be seen due to small holes in the box. Another box has a magnet switch in its bottom and a magnet is hidden below the boxes surface; this switch senses when the box is lifted away from its magnetic field. This box reacts by the whole box vibrating via a motor with an offset weight attached to it. The last box was a light sensor and senses the shadow of your hand when you pick it up. This box reacts by producing a clicking sound via clip ties on a motor.

This piece was created in: Contemporary Practice: Art and Technology (spring semester)

Individual box size: 1ft x 1ft x 1ft






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