Powerbook Wings


I was getting bored with the everyone having the same clean look of minimalist metal Apple Powerbook...

I originally wanted to buy car paint and paint the wings on. But that seemed questionable and I didn't know if that was possible to do without equipment. But I then saw and was inspired from the Brushed Metal iPod (via Hack A Day). I then morphed the idea from a brushed metal look into a "shadow" metal look. I didn't want to do an outline for I knew that it would look like cheese. To make it look precisely made, I created a stencil and used a ruler to mark permanent lines in the aluminum alloy with an exacto knife. (In a way, purposeful scratches) There was no need to press hard, exacto knifes are very sharp! The wings are barely noticeable unless light is shining on it. The end result rocks! Feel free to reuse and abuse this idea!




*I updated the wings with a radiating POW!*


**I showed some friends and they asked me to etch some custom designs into their laptops.**




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