Perpetual Motion Pendulum

In the hardware part of my Art/Tech class, we had been learning how to make a circuit, how to work with/cut metal, learning about AC/DC power, and about different switches or motors. Now was the time to combine what we had learned into a basic machine. I wanted to create a perpetual motion pendulum. This is possible though the use of a magnet upon the bottom of a pendulum. This pendulum is connected to a solenoid that activates only when the magnet pendulum is hovering over the magnet switch. This perpetual motion requires no human interaction to start (due to the conducted feedback of the magnet pendulum and the magnet switch) and only requires electricity to keep running. I think this is a fascinating concept and I was ecstatic to be able to achieve my goal.

This piece was created in: Contemporary Practice: Art and Technology (spring semester)


I have included a short video clip of the pendulum in action!

Perpetual Motion Pendulum (.MOV 1.80MB)


This pictures shows the DC power source beside the pendulum




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