Peppermint Twist Chair

Our project was to design and construct some type of chair or seat that could be sent though the mail. We were given size restrictions of 1600 inches cubed and had to hold up 150 pounds upon someone sitting in the chair. Along with creating the chair, we also had to create a package design and instructions on how to assemble and/or use the chair. We were given several weeks to invent, create and test the product until the final testing of our instructor.

This was made in collaboration with: Cecile Silvers and Gracen Brilmyer.

This piece was created in: FYS Core Studio (fall semester)


We chose to use chloroplast corrugated plastic to construct the chairs sides and duct tape for the sitting flaps.



The red bar keeping the chair open can be removed and attached to the back with Velcro. The two sides can be closed up and be carried with the handles.



Size dimensions: 2.5 feet x 2.1 feet x 2 feet




(Sorry that the packaging is not shown)



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