Miniature Time Capsule

The assignment was to create a time capsule or monument for a assigned classmate. I was assigned to Samia Mirza. We asked questions to each other and figured out how to dissemble this project. Since being in a class called research studio: miniature/gigantic, I thought it essential to include the miniature element. As it has also always been a constant curiosity and fascination that I have wished to explore. I then came to the conclusion that I wished to create a time capsule of selected miniature objects that were most important to Samia. I decided to make these miniature objects out of turquoise paper. Creating them with an exacto knife, hot glue and a little Sobo glue.

This piece was created in: Research Studio: Miniature/Gigantic (spring semester)

Size dimensions: 6cm x 12cm x 5cm








I also included a picture of the work setup that was required to make miniatures.



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