Chinatown Projects

Throughout the first semester in research studio, our assignments revolved around the concept of studying one place. Being new to Chicago, I was interested in researching and expressing how I view Chinatown.These are some various projects that came from the overall project.

All of these pieces were created in: FYS Research Studio (fall semester)

In this project, I took pictures of different types of visual textures and attached them cards. These cards were able to be used together to create a building. The idea was that I was creating my own Chinatown and use the textures from the actual Chinatown that I was studying.



In this project we had to create some sort of map. I made a map of the most important places in Chinatown. Each store has its own symbol and distance is given appropriately. The symbols and roads are cut-out, so they can create a unique "shadow map". It is laminated.

In this project, we were to create a piece that we were able to take apart of the place with us. I felt that with so many great textures around me, that I should create imprints. I used Sculpey to collect the textures and then baked them to permanently stay in the desired form.

In this project, we were to create a college that best described our chosen place. I went to the library and photocopied many images to create the colleges shown.


In this project, we were suppose to record the environment with a different form other than sound or video. I felt that I should first create an "animation" of the place. Using a tripod to take a picture of the same location very minute for one hour would create an animation effect if done during Sunrise (.MOV 1.05MB) and Sunset (.MOV 1.02MB). I then combined these pictures to create the animation. But then taking this process to the next level, I taped tracing paper to the screen and drew a specific elements from each frame of teh animation. This allowed me to catch an hours worth of exact recording with a pen. The following pictures are the productions of this explanation.






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