I went to an early college program for 3 weeks to take a class called "Advanced Projects: 2D 3D 4D Design". I learned more than I would have imagined. I also met some amazing people. Here is some of the art that I made while in Chicago.

By: Jason Fletcher


Video: Opposite Reaction

Music credits to: Uziq - Mushroom Compost

(Must have Divx to watch)


Title: Shopping Cart Highrise

Materials: cardboard, hot glue






Title: A Stroll Away

Materials: cardboard, hot glue, paint, plastic flower


Several pictures of the cardboard hat in different places of the city.














Title: Comfy Chair

Materials: cardboard, hot glue, paint


Is strong enough to be sat in.




Title: Switch Blade

Materials: Photoshop, My digital camera


Here is the most wonderful class that I was apart of!


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